The Healthcare Quality Foundation (HQF) promotes the improvement of healthcare quality by supporting research and development, education and related activities.

HQF raises funds through the contributions of individuals in healthcare quality. You can donate at any level, from $25 to $500.

Make a donation to HQF today! Every dollar donated to HQF directly funds grant programs each year, financing education and CPHQ certification for up to 15 healthcare quality professionals. Learn more about HQF’s grant program.

HQF consists of a dedicated team of volunteers, appointed yearly by the HQF Board.

"I just finished taking my CPHQ exam this morning and am so excited to report that I passed!! I am grateful to HQF for giving me the grant and making the opportunity available to me. This certification will prove to be very beneficial in my career at a Community Mental Health Center in Tennessee. My supervisor has already told me how proud she is of my accomplishment. Thank you for the grant. See you all in Nashville in September!”
- Tony Murchison, 2014 Certification Grant Winner

"I couldn't be more thrilled to be awarded the HQF grant in order to complete my CPHQ exam. Thanks to the generous donors who made my grant possible and the team at NAHQ for providing me with the support I needed. I look forward to achieving a lifelong certification in quality!"
- Puja Patel, 2012 Certification Grant Winner