CPHQ Exam Content Outline

CPHQ Exam Content OutlineThe content validity of the CPHQ examination is based on a practice analysis which surveyed healthcare quality professionals on the tasks they perform. Each question on the examination is linked directly to one of the tasks listed below. In other words, each question is designed to test if the candidate possesses the knowledge necessary to perform the task and/or has the ability to apply it to a job situation.

Each of the tasks listed in the content outline was rated as significant to practice by healthcare quality professionals who responded to the survey. One decision rule used by the exam committee required that a task be significant to practice in the major types and sizes of healthcare facilities, including those employed in managed care. Thus, the examination content is valid for this segment of healthcare quality professionals as well as those employed in hospital, clinic, home care, behavioral/mental health, or other care settings.

Please view the content outline, effective January 1, 2015.